Accent Tall Tubular ( IT/TT ) battery trolly



  • 1st class plastic
  • Movable
  • With centre wheel
  • Open back for vantilation
  • Designed top to placing inverter

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This white TALL TUBULAR /TT trolley is used for storing single TT battery, commonly called single TT battery Trolley. It can accomodate TT battery It is spacious, safe and made from tough long lasting material which does not get destroyed by spillage from battery, if any. It is used for reducing storage space and preventing exposing battery to open air. Battery can be kept inside the trolley and Inverter or UPS can be placed on the top. Its highly durable and sturdy plastic design makes the battery safe from humidity and other environmental issues. It has 5 wheels for easy mobility. This screw less battery trolley is made for easy battery maintenance. It is open from back side for ventilation and water topping. This is a strong and very adjustable and easy to install from Accent. Trolly designs may vary as shown in pics.


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