LG 16M35A 16 inch LED Backlit LCD Monitor(Black)



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From home and office to classrooms and laboratories, this 16m35a led backlit lcd monitor from lg allows you to enjoy crystal-clear images, true blacks and the most vivid, life-like colors on a slim flat screen. Lightning fast response time the 5ms response time of this led monitor allows blur-free viewing of action scenes, sports and video games with greater clarity and without any lag. Moreover, the fast response time also helps you enjoy your favourite videos or play games for a longer time while minimizing the strain on your eyes. Reader mode the 40. 64 cm wide display of this monitor features a reader mode that reduces blue light to protect your eyes and provide optimal reading conditions. Flicker-safe this monitor applies the dimming technology to minimize the flicker level causing eye fatigue from staring too long at the monitor. Energy-efficient this super energy saving technology of this monitor lets you adjust the screen brightness according to the usage, thus helping you to reduce your energy bills.


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