Sebamed Shampoo Childrens 500 ml Bottle


Sebamed Shampoo Childrens 500 ml Bottle

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Sebamed Shampoo Childrens 500 ml Bottle

Sebamed childrens shampoo has pH of 5.5 and has sugar based mild cleanser. Other children shampoos have pH>7 and chemicals like formaldehyde, phthalates, SLS which leads to allergic reactions. At pH 5.5 alone the scalp barrier remains intact. It has been clinically proven that only at pH 5.5, scalp is hydrated and strengthens scalp for optimal hair growth. Lipid and moisture loss is minimum and the growth of Malassezia which leads to dandruff is restricted. Sebamed childrens shampoo is free from irritants and hence has 0% incidences of irritant reactions.

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